For centuries, Northern and Southern Briom have been at war. Though little conflict happens in the open, the cities and villages bordering the Chaimerin Mountains send soldiers through the valleys and paths that connect the enemy’s territory in the hopes to gain the tiniest bit of ground. Thousands of battles and ambushes have taken place in the center of these deadly mountains; an area littered with valleys and canyons that lays between Mount Rebecca and Mount Narat is the most common battlefield. It is known as Sullyn Rawth (soo-lin raw-th), named for the emerald dragon that once roamed in the caves connecting the jagged landscape.

During one little-known battle between the North and South, the dragon attacked. Instead of fighting, the two sides fled into the caves and escaped. Facing capture and death, they worked together to gain back their strength. By setting a trap, they were able to get the upper hand on Sullyn and vanquished him to the realm of Tiamat. With their victory, the two sides made a truce and spoke of their cultures. The most adventurous of the survivors scoured the area, finding rivers and rare mountainous plants they could live off. Many of them returned to their homes, only to bring their families and leave those that laughed at their new path in life. These people made up the first Emerald Tribe.

As time went on, it became too hard to supply enough goods for the single growing tribe and too hard to move that many young. They decided to separate in a process they refer to as an “Emerald Sacrifice.” The tribe split into two. One kept all of the children while the other took an equal amount of women and men to begin a tribe of their own. This process still continues today as the nomadic emerald tribes grow in numbers and in strength.

This tribes play little part in the world; mostly adventurers who travel threw Sullyn Rawth ever interact with them. Few outside of the villages Golden Bells and Rahimay know about the truce made between them and these tribes. Through these people, the emerald tribes pay for and receive objects, food, and metals from the outside world. The payment in return is often a free trip through the wasteland, jewels found deep within these dangerous mountains, or beasts normally untrainable in the outside world.

Your Tribe

You were all once part of a tribe that called themselves “Remina,” but have decided to separate into a new tribe with a name of your choosing. The tribe will consist of fifteen men and fifteen women. Though you are separating, you are still allowed to return to Remina for aid and supplies if you fall on hard times. When the game begins, you will begin searching for your new home. You six are the main warriors

Religion and Beliefs

Most, if not all, of these people follow the Siabryen religion (Gods are Morr and Joll). You are free to worship what you want. Because of the tribe’s belief in the power of the earth, they refuse to leave the mountains. Here is where the dead lay; here is where their spirits stay. It is a sin to kill bears (the are avatars of Joll) and warthogs (avatars of Morr).

Knowledge is everything to these tribes. All travel the mountains with journals and books that tell the tales and stories of their past and others. When the remains of a defeated emerald tribe are found, relics and books are often more important than the survivors.

When one tribe stumbles upon another, an impromptu celebration is held. These “Banding Bashes” last two days and are filled with food, games and drinking. There has never been a recorded battle between emerald tribes.

Though traveling to Lish Hom Non is considered foolish, it is a sign of good fortune if one can gaze upon the valley from the top of any mountain.

Qusom, once a Dicia of Briom, is viewed as an ally of Morr and Joll. He gathered the Juggernaut and therefore saved the world. When the drug known as kroom, which is used at Emerald Sacrifices, is inhaled, the sensations you feel and see are the materialized miracles he has performed in his life.


Rogue emerald tribes have been known to travel deep within the earth and appear in the mountain ranges of Damalien (Makarin), Lazor (Makarin), Halt of the Gods (Kunass), Claymin (Abor’a) and several others.

Sullyn Rawth is widely believed to still be roaming the planes alongside other minions of Tiamat. Because of this, the tribes relentlessly kill Tiamat worshipers (such as kobolds and evil dragonborne).

The tribe Remina makes its home on the base of a massive tree that has been turned upside down. The legend states that the Remina Tree was once a friend of Mount Rebecca, until it had become infected by the Dark Curse of Sidakreeth during the Dark Surge. Joll uprooted it and forced the black leaves and branches back into the underdark and away from the living. Various structures and artwork have now been made out of the dozens of roots that wind into the sky, some extending 100 feet.

The city of Cassalwolf keeps their activities a secret, but the Emerald Tribes have recently noticed their obsession with dragons. Numerous tribes report their aggressive attempts to capture live specimens. Only one tribe, Walaz, has seen them drag one away successfully.

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