Lanta 6: What Sleeps in the Hoards

Session III: The Shifting Caves Below

After climbing down the strange stone ledges, the party found themselves in a nest of eggs 15 feet tall, and already hatched. Two exits continued their path: one led back to Pelgryn, while the other led into area that had changed rapidly over the centuries. It seemed the quake caused by the temple of Pelgryn was one of many to shift the world below. As they traveled deeper, they came across a set or dwarven ruins and a temple of Moradin, which did not appear to be built together. They found more mines, a path that led to the top of Saichus Rock, and a room of portals watched over by four odd enities: Babble, Bolt, Hammer, and Slingshot. Together they allowed anyone who knew of any other portals identical to this to ship goods and travelers through. This particular one was built by Moradin, who wanted to see his precious ore used across Lanta.

Though the portal seemed useful, the party quickly headed back to their new home to inform the tribe of their discoveries, including a passageway that led to Slackroot Forest, a wood of petrified trees. But their arrival home was short of a welcome as the normally quiet librarian, Nolamin, demanded to know where they had their books. Jade and Roth had left their gifts from Giant with the librarians expecting them to be greatful, but Nolamin saw something else in them. Scribbled in the language of supernal were several notes denouncing all gods. The deva found them rather offensive, but the party told him nothing. However, all agreed with Nolamin that no one but librarians were allowed to read these new books.

Though the party had made plans to search the other caves, there was something else Chieftain Morzinal felt was more pressing. The dwarven farmer, Dorlok, had run off, feeling useless in the new tribe and a foreigner in one that had no other dwarves. Though he may have sought a better place, both Morzinal and Dorlok’s wife, Maluee, felt he was in danger. The party spent the night resting their bodies and set off in the morning for the disgruntled dwarf.

After traveling for three days towards Feather Eye Mountain, the party finally found Dorlok and the two hunters, Lonlon and Thovum, who had set off after him a day before the defenders did. They were all safe, but exhausted after avoiding a cult of kobolds who believe they are commanded by Alna Reynold (a gold dragon who watches over Feather Eye) and kill everything in her name. But they were not out of harm’s way yet. As the three began to clean up their camp, Lonlon spotted a bear standing in the field with her two cubs. Feeling it was a sign for the Emerald tribes to observe, she stood and watched. Suddenly, a kobold appeared and took one of the cubs. When the mother realized what happened, she ran after him, scaring the kobold and other cultists. As they charged out, the party met them in the field and killed them.



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