Lanta 6: What Sleeps in the Hoards

Session I: An Emerald Sacrifice

As is the beginning with many stories of Emerald tribes, the 5th Emerald Sacrifice of the Remina set a path for the newly recruited defenders Charlotta, Denshi, Jade, Korrok, Odus, and Roth. Once peaceful members of Remina, these six warriors had been chosen to protect the 30 pilgrims setting out to find a new home. And so, after a night of drinking and smoking the hallucinogenic kroom, the party and their tribesmen set off with the blessing of Remina chieftain Ebritine.

With the directions of hunter Molsik, the new tribe, Sporestone, headed to the Basin of Brukrun. Once inhabited by savage orcs, Brukrun is now rumored to be an open cavern, free for the taking. When the tribe reached the valley, they saw the long and narrow crevice in the stone floor that served as the main entrance into Brukrun. Upon entering they realized the rumors were true. There were signs of orcs that once lived here (shrines to Tiamat and Gruumsh and smashed huts) but everything had been ransacked. The one cavern most intact was one to the north; a set of three small rooms that had writings on the wall. The librarians quickly moved in and began copying what they could. The defenders, meanwhile, headed east into caves that headed deep below the surface.

In the first passageway, the party discovered the orcs were once miners. Large veins of ore could be seen and piles of mining equipment were strewn about. The cave eventually split in two with one path leading into a torture chamber and the other leading into a room with a marvelous piece of treasure. Stuck in the wall and extending from floor to ceiling was a rounded and bumpy slab of glass that held a mysterious purple liquid inside. They inspected the cold anomaly and found it extended to all four sides, but was hidden by the stone walls. Stuck in between the glass and stone was a stiff, slimy substance that resembled the fabled “green sweat” of Sidakreeth.


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